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Private Investigator Surveillance Services

If you would like to know where someone is going, what they are doing or who they are seeing you are in the right place. DIS offers careful, thorough and intelligent surveillance services in CT. If you want answers, we can help uncover the truth.

private investigator surveillance in CT

Why Choose Surveillance Investigators from DIS?

  • 100% Free Consultations
  • 50+ Years Of Experience
  • We Serve CT And Beyond
  • We Use Single Or Multiple Agent Teams
  • We Work With Or Without Electronics
  • We Can Track By Vehicle Or On Foot
  • We Never Sub-Contract Work
  • We Are Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • We Are Totally Confidential

Private Investigator Surveillance Services Can:

  • Prove guilt or innocence in matrimonial, civil and criminal cases
  • Monitor individuals to ensure there is no theft of time, insurance fraud, or stealing of money or goods.
  • Guarantee a child’s safety around your soon to be ex-spouse or their new relationships
  • Monitor drug, alcohol use and lifestyle choices

DIS Surveillance Capabilities And Technology

We use trained surveillance investigators to conduct all mobile and stationary surveillance requests. Depending on the environment and situation we utilize single or multiple agent surveillance investigator teams. We have state-of-the-art technology ranging from tracking to video equipment. However, we have experience working with or without electronics by vehicle, on foot, or a combination of both. At DIS we never sub-contract any work and provide surveillance services locally throughout Connecticut, as well as nationally and internationally, using our in-house private investigators.

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