Discreet Investigation Service

Investigative Services

Our trained field agents can conduct mobile and stationary surveillances using a variety of methods. Working alone or in teams, our agents conduct surveillance by vehicle or on foot, both visual and via legally-used electronic tracking devices in order to get answers to your questions.

Matrimonial investigation can be conducted during a divorce to establish leverage in settling cases involving assets, child custody and/or visitation rights; or as a precautionary measure before the marriage takes place. Whether you’re establishing possible adultery or checking a potential spouse’s financial background, we can get you the information you need.

Child Custody
Nothing is more important that the welfare of a child. Using surveillance and investigation, our trained agents can help you determine the safety and well-being of a child in your life.

Unemployment Fraud
A fraudulent worker’s compensation claim or an employee who is collecting unemployment while working “under the table” can cost you thousands of dollars. Our investigations can help save you time and money by getting the information and evidence you need.

Employee Theft
Employee theft is a major cause of increased costs of goods and services. Our loss control solutions, which can involve surveillance as well as interrogatory investigations, help you identify the areas and persons responsible, as well as stop or limit the problem.

Background Checks
Our background investigations, rather than supplying general, unverified information, are designed to answer your specific questions and get you specific answers. We can do a wide range of background checks, from criminal to employment.

Missing Persons
From urgent situations such as a suspected abduction to finding a friend you’ve lost touch with, our private investigators have access to modern technology and databases that will help uncover the information needed to find the missing individual in a timely manner.

Conduct Reports
Conduct reports are used in a variety of situations, including divorce, child custody or monitoring the behavior of teenagers, employees, boyfriends/girlfriends and others. Conduct reports will give you evidence or peace of mind in the most discreet and confidential manner possible.

Executive Protection
Our trained private investigators provide professional bodyguard services to anyone who needs extra protection. We can provide armed or unarmed plainclothes protection for all types of situations, anywhere in the world, to give you the comfort of knowing you are safe.

Electronic Security
Our electronic privacy protection services will thoroughly check your phones, homes, offices and vehicles to make sure no one is listening to your conversations or tracking your whereabouts.