Discreet Investigation Service

Private Investigator Cost

Are you curious how much it costs to hire a private investigator in CT? Or do you want to learn more about fees and rates? Discreet Investigation Services’ cases are handled by our professionally-trained private investigators on a unique, case-by-case basis. It’s critical to understand the services, abilities, and costs associated with an agency before hiring.

Free Consultation

Due to the fact that all cases are unique, we ask that you call us at (800) 448-5429 for a no-cost, confidential phone consultation. We offer both flat rates as well as our hourly and package private investigator rates. We can even customize a package for your individual situation.

Private Investigator Fees Are Determined By:

  • Type of surveillance or investigation
  • Duration of investigation
  • Number of agents required
  • Equipment used
  • Where the case is conducted
  • Information provided by client

Benefits of Working With Discreet Investigation Services:

  • All probate investigator fees are quoted in advance
  • No sub-contracted work
  • Free, confidential phone consultation
  • No charge for expenses, travel time, or mileage in CT
  • Service in as little as 3 hours advance notice in CT

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