Discreet Investigation Service

What Can a Private Investigator do?


Sometimes TV and the internet depict a much different picture of what private investigators can and cannot do. With that said, below is a general guide covering some of the most frequently asked questions we get. Keep in mind that there are always exceptions and the best thing to do is contact us and we can go in-depth about how we can help you.

 Things private investigators CAN do:

  • Follow people and find out what they are doing, who they are coming into contact with,                      where are they going, how do they act; pretty much a complete description of their                              routine and actions at the times you want to know what is going on. Whether for                                  personal reasons, child custody, employment problems, fraud and more
  • Conduct detailed background checks on a person's past, such as criminal records, financial problems, work history, marriage/divorce records, assets, and more
  • Covid-19 investigations for landlords
  • Covid-19 investigations for employers
  • Obtain court records
  • Locate missing people and missing objects
  • Conduct criminal investigation to prove innocence or guilt
  • Obtain video evidence
  • Install cameras both security and covert nanny cams
  • Protective services for persons or property
  • Debugging phone lines and property
  • Conduct unemployment and workers comp fraud
  • Check license plates where applicable by law


Things private investigators CANNOT do:

  • Tap or bug phones and or property
  • Obtain phone records
  • Get copies of text messages or emails
  • Obtain bank records