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How to Hire a Private Investigator


Hiring a private investigator is something people don’t expect to do and is most likely something that is not spoken of between friends such as buying cars or appliances. Most of the time people quickly understand that private Investigators, at least within the State of Connecticut, need to be licensed, insured and bonded. However, beyond these three factors what else should you consider when hiring a private investigator? Learn more about why fees, experience, availability and sub-contracting are the most important factors you should consider before hiring a private investigator.            

Private Investigator Fees

Fees should be straight forward, cater to your specific case and include everything from start to finish. Don’t be fooled by a lower price that does not include travel time, mileage, photos or videos. At Discreet Investigation Services we don’t charge for photos/videos, travel time, mileage or any expenses in Connecticut. Other companies may beat our hourly rate but after they add in all the extras you will certainly pay more as these fees add up fast.

Private Investigator Experience 

A good private investigator should have years of experience performing a variety of investigative services and have a system in place to help you through any type of investigation. The most important factor should be years on the job. Don’t be fooled by companies with certificates or experience in related fields such as law enforcement. Certificates can easily be obtained online, and law enforcement experience can help with criminal investigations but is irrelevant when it comes to civil investigations. Private investigation skills are learned in the field not in a classroom or in front of a computer.

Availability of a Private Investigator 

A private investigation agency should employ multiple agents with varying skills and expertise that can commit themselves 100% to your case. At Discreet Investigation Services we can give you same day service. This is an industry standard that all agencies should offer because time is a critical factor in almost all cases.


Private investigators shouldn’t sub-contract work. A common sign that a private investigator is sub-contracting work is when they have a large service area spanning multiple states. Companies that list being licensed in 6 or 7 states often aren’t directly handling the work. The last thing you want is for your case to get passed off the desk of the original person you spoke with and into another office or company. This greatly increases the chance of your case being lost or forgotten and often slows down the progress of your case.

Contact Discreet Investigation Service 

Make sure whoever you hire is someone that makes you feel comfortable. There is a chance the private investigator will uncover evidence that is sad, hurtful and even life changing and the right person will go out of their way to deliver the evidence in the best way possible. Discreet Investigation Service has 40+ years of experience providing investigation services in Connecticut. We offer straight forward pricing and fees. We have same day availability and never subcontract work. If you live in Connecticut and are looking for a dedicated private investigator contact us online or give us a call today.