Discreet Investigation Service

Why Hire A Private Investigator for Surveillance?


Over our 40+ years in business we have consulted with hundreds of clients. A significant amount of those clients have not understood the value of hiring a private investigator. The two most common things we hear is that our services are too expensive, or they feel that they can perform the services themselves. When clients take matters into their own hands they almost always come back because one of two things usually happen. They make the person they are following very suspicious and, in most cases, got caught performing the surveillance. Or they managed to get a little bit of information but were then told the evidence is not admissible in court.

DIS Have 40+ Years of Surveillance Experience:

We have more than 40 years of experience in conducting surveillance. We use tried and true methods that allow us to gather crucial information without raising suspicion. We have fined tuned our approach and have perfected the aspects of surveillance that often raise suspicion, such as:

  • Setup
  • Departures
  • Arriving at locations
  • Filming
  • Documenting events

Clients that attempt to perform their own surveillance often make many mistakes. Many of these mistakes occurred merely because of a lack of experience and being personally involved in the situation. When clients get caught it’s usually because of one of the following reasons:

Using a personal vehicle - When a subject knows they are doing something wrong and are trying to make sure they aren’t caught they often look for things familiar to them, such as vehicles and people. This causes clients conducting their own surveillance to get caught quite frequently. At DIS we use discreet vehicles and know all the techniques to avoid raising suspicion.

Lack of a cover story – A subject is most likely to do something they know is wrong when they know people who could catch them are busy. Subjects will often do something that they know is wrong when they know people are busy, out of town or at work. Subjects will avoid incriminating acts when they could get caught so clients often waste time trying to catch someone at the wrong time. Hiring a Private Investigator solves this problem as we can work around the clock to gather evidence.

Difficulty obtaining proof or information – It is easy to get photo evidence of a spouse or significant other entering a hotel or restaurant, but it is most likely necessary to enter the location to get the necessary proof. Clients entering a restaurant, hotel or waiting in a small parking often stick out more than they think and get caught. Having a trained professional conduct the surveillance allows us to get extremely close to the subject and obtain the evidence needed to make a concrete case.

Inexperience – Clients attempting their own surveillance often have difficulty reading what is happening, picking the right surveillance points and getting evidence without standing out. We have the experience and tools to read the situation and gain admissible evidence.

DIS will provide admissible evidence:

  • We can create reports that can be used in court
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We are unbiased and will report on facts
  • We have all the tools necessary to gather evidence

We have the training, tools and equipment to gather information that clients often cannot get on their own. Even when clients gather evidence it is often not admissible in court. Here are the two most common reasons why the evidence gathered is not admissible:

Surveillance can fall under the category of stalking - A Private Investigator is licensed to conduct surveillance that involves, following, waiting and tracking subjects. If you are not a licensed private investigator much of the surveillance work necessary may be considered stalking. In Connecticut there are about 15 different degrees of stalking and yes, this applies to one’s spouse as well. If your behavior falls under the category of stalking the evidence you find may not be admissible.

Lack of knowledge about laws - Clients conducting person surveillance are biased and often gather evidence that is personal to them. A Private Investigator will report on the facts regardless of the meaning or usefulness. A Private Investigator knows the laws and gathers evidence based on the laws whereas most of the time the client doesn’t understand what they legally can and cannot do to gather evidence. Clients do not commonly understand laws about bugging cars and phones which often leads to issues.

The upfront cost of hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance can be more than expected. None-the-less, hiring a Private Investigation firm will save you time and get you the results you are looking for. We will make sure the evidence that is obtained is admissible in court. We will handle the responsibility so you don’t have to risk doing anything illegal or what may be considered stalking. We have the tools and experience to get close to subjects and get crucial evidence that may not be possible to gather otherwise. Private investigators in Connecticut have to follow laws and regulations so the evidence obtained is admissible in court. Disregarding the laws while conducting surveillance yourself puts you in a position of possibly breaking the laws, not having admissible evidence and losing your case.