Discreet Investigation Service

7 Commonly Asked Questions About Private Investigator Surveillance


1. What if you lose the person you are following while on surveillance?

Even the best detective agencies can end up in situations where contact with the subject is broken, however having the ability to adapt and adjust to the situation at hand is what separates the best agents from the rest. Being proficient in surveillance takes two key factors; the first is being skilled at mobile surveillance and the second is taking the time to understand the case, the subjects involved, the focus of the investigation, and the background details. Knowing the background on the case allows for the agent to properly conduct the investigation.

 At Discreet Investigation Service, even in the worst situations we have always been able to complete surveillance, be it with just agents or a combination of agents; an agency like ours will always complete the task at hand.

2. What kind of evidence will I get? Photos, video, reports?

We provide all clients with as much evidence as we can gather on the case and all clients get a detailed written report. Photos and videos are obtained based on what is happening on the surveillance job, as well as the scope of the investigation. However, there are outside factors to consider, which include the location of the surveillance, whether there are bystanders, and where the activity is taking place. Depending on certain factors, we may only be able to provide photos or videos, not both.

3. What if the subject leaves the state and/or country?

The physical location of the case or subject has never been a problem for us. It is more of a matter of how far the client wants to go and at what cost. We have been all over the world conducting surveillance for our clients.

4. Can you guarantee results?

 There is no agency that can guarantee results, for multiple reasons. The biggest reason being that there is no way for anyone to know what a subject is doing before the start of the investigation, meaning that investigators can only report what they see a subject do. Just because a client has a subject followed, it doesn't mean the subject is, in fact, guilty. What we can guarantee is that we will report everything and anything the subject does while we are working on the case.

5. Do I have enough evidence to prove my spouse is cheating?

 Many clients believe they have enough to prove their spouse is cheating, and 99% of the time they have enough to prove it in a conversation between them and the spouse. However, what is needed in a court of law is always very different depending on the case. Please feel free to contact us and we can go over your unique situation to discuss the evidence you already have as well as what our surveillance team will be able to legally prove.

6. I have already confronted my spouse about cheating. Can you still complete the investigation?

 Yes, absolutely. It is of course a little more difficult and involved once you have already confronted your spouse, but it is still very possible to do. Having said that, it is never a good idea to confront them until the bitter end for several reasons. Please contact us and we can explain further, as well as give you a free consultation for your situation.

7. My attorney says I don't need a private investigator. Can she/he handle everything?

 There are times you don't need a private investigator and there are times you do. It’s all based on the case and circumstances. However, attorneys are not investigators and don't always understand how to gather the evidence you need, the proper way to gather it, or what is even legal to do. It's always a good idea to speak with at least two different attorneys as well as a private investigator to get their opinions on what you will need to win your case.