Discreet Investigation Service

What Are The Most Common Private Investigator Cases?



 1. Infidelity & Surveillance Investigations

No one ever engages in a relationship or marriage with the expectation of being divorced or breaking up, but it does happen. The outcome of a relationship split could affect your finances, lifestyle, business/employment, and residence. Private investigators are often best known for assistance with infidelity cases to see what evidence can be gathered to help you move forward with the divorce or split.

 Employers often hire private investigators for surveillance investigations. They may need to have their employees monitored to ensure there is no theft of time, insurance fraud, or stealing of money or goods. This is to ensure their employees are acting accordingly and in the best interest of the business. Regardless of what your surveillance needs are, Discreet Investigations can assist you in gathering all the evidence you need in the most discreet way possible.

 2. Background Investigations

Although there are many basic background check services available on the internet, they are not generally as accurate or detailed as they claim. Whether you’re checking into a spouse, nanny, new employee, or your spouse's new girlfriend/boyfriend after a divorce, our private investigative agency can tailor a background check to you needs. Our private investigators make sure you’re getting the detailed information you need to proceed in an appropriate manner. We can find information such as criminal records, civil records, liens, bankruptcies, assets, driving records, and more.

 3. A Missing Persons or Locate Investigation Case

Regardless of whether you're dealing with a long-lost love, a friend you haven't seen in 20 years, or a runaway child or family member, we can assist in locating that missing person.  With years of experience, developing contacts, and specific methods to locate a missing person, we can track people across the state or country.

4. Child Custody Investigation

Many times, children are the ones who end up most hurt in a divorce case. To guarantee their safety around your soon to be ex-spouse or their new relationships, we can conduct child custody investigations that are custom fit to your situation. Our child custody investigations include both background checks and surveillance to help you take care of your children in the best manner possible.

Unfortunately, sometimes as the divorce drags through the legal system the spouse is the biggest threat to the children due to alcohol, drugs or their general lifestyle, and other actions.  With a surveillance package geared to your specific circumstances you can ensure the safety of your children.

 5. Debugging Electronic Devices

With the advancements of technology in society today, being able to record or track people in an illegal way has increased tremendously.  At Discreet Investigations, we have the equipment needed to look for bugs and hidden cameras to ensure your privacy is protected at home, on the road, or at work.