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Discreet Investigation Services: Your Trusted Private Investigation Agency in Stamford, CT

With over four decades of dedicated service, Discreet Investigation Services, Inc. is your premier choice for private investigation services in Stamford, CT. As a fully licensed, bonded, and insured private investigation agency, we are equipped to meet your needs with a team of field investigators and agents in Stamford, CT. Our private investigation services are offered to individuals, corporations, and anyone else in need of our expertise.

Choosing a Private Investigator

Needing to hire a private investigator is rarely anticipated and not typically discussed in casual conversations. In Stamford, CT as in the rest of the State of Connecticut, a private investigator is required to be licensed, insured, and bonded. These are important factors to look for; however, the process of finding a skilled private investigator extends far beyond these initial considerations.

During the process of hiring a private investigator, there are several key questions you should ask. The first one should be: how much experience does the investigator or investigation agency have? Experience is crucial, as it informs not only the company’s ability to guide and execute the case but also their comprehension of applicable laws, the critical signs to look for throughout the investigation, and an array of other critical factors that should be considered as evidence is found.

It’s a common occurrence for retired law enforcement to transition into the private sector. However, you should not let this factor influence your decision when choosing a private investigator in Stamford, CT. Although their prior experience may be valuable in criminal investigations, it will not necessarily translate into civil investigations. For instance, law enforcement typically lacks experience in conducting discreet surveillance, including avoiding drawing attention from uninvolved parties. Additionally, they may lack an understanding of the quantity and nature of evidence needed for various types of civil investigations.

Why Choose DIS as Your Private Investigator in Stamford, CT?

  • 100% Free Consultations
  • 50+ Years Of Experience
  • We Serve Stamford, CT And Beyond
  • We Use Single Or Multiple Agent Teams
  • We Work With Or Without Electronics
  • We Can Track By Vehicle Or On Foot
  • We Never Sub-Contract Work
  • We Are Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • We Are Totally Confidential

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Discreet Investigation Services, Inc. offers complimentary phone consultations with the utmost privacy throughout the day and evening, serving clients in Stamford. Clients are never charged for phone calls, and after-hours calls can be returned if requested.

Success in the PI world is not based on how many times an investigator catches a cheating spouse or uncovers fraud, but on knowing how to provide their clients with ‘Peace of Mind’, reliable evidence, and a true picture of the situation.