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Discreet Investigation Services: Your Trusted Private Investigation Agency in Norwalk, CT

With a history spanning over forty years, Discreet Investigation Services proudly serves as the top provider of private investigation solutions in Norwalk, CT. As a fully licensed, bonded, and insured agency, we possess the capacity to fulfill your distinct needs through a committed team of field investigators and agents stationed in Norwalk, CT. Designed to accommodate the requirements of individuals, corporations, and diverse entities seeking specialized expertise, our wide-ranging private investigation services distinguish us from others in the field.

Choosing a Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator isn't usually a subject people plan for or casually talk about. In Norwalk, CT, and throughout Connecticut, it's crucial for private investigators to have the required licensing, insurance, and bonding. Although these aspects are essential considerations, the process of selecting an investigator goes beyond these basic requirements.

When considering hiring a private investigator, it's essential to ask several key questions. Start by exploring their level of experience. Experience is crucial as it demonstrates the company's proficiency in conducting investigations. Additionally, it highlights their knowledge of relevant laws, the important indicators to look for during investigations, and various other critical factors that affect the discovery of evidence.

It's a common occurrence for individuals with law enforcement backgrounds to transition into the private sector post-retirement, but this shouldn't sway your decision when choosing a private investigator in Norwalk, CT. While their experience might be advantageous in criminal cases, it might not seamlessly transfer to the intricacies of civil investigations. For instance, law enforcement personnel may lack expertise in discreet surveillance and understanding the diverse evidence requirements unique to various civil cases.

 Why Choose DIS as Your Private Investigator in Norwalk, CT?

  • 100% Free Consultation
  • 50+ Years Of Experience
  • We Serve Norwalk, CT And Beyond
  • We Use Single Or Multiple Agent Teams
  • We Work With Or Without Electronics
  • We Can Track By Vehicle Or On Foot
  • We Never Sub-Contract Work
  • We Are Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • We Are Totally Confidential

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Discreet Investigation Services offers confidential phone consultations at no cost, accessible throughout the day and evening for clients in Norwalk, CT. Clients do not incur any charges for phone calls, and requests for after-hours calls can be accommodated upon request.

In the realm of private investigation, success extends beyond catching a cheating spouse or revealing fraud. It's about providing 'Peace of Mind' to clients through dependable evidence and a precise comprehension of the situation.