Discreet Investigation Service

Why Private Investigators Should Not Subcontract Work


Over the years, we at Discreet Investigation Service have been approached many times by other firms looking for us to subcontract work out to them. We have never subcontracted our work, and this article explains why. In the private investigation field, there are many investigative companies and they are all different; however, none of them work the way we do, by catering to our clients’ specific needs. Our business plan allows us to price differently than other investigators and have more flexibility in meeting our clients’ needs.  What we have found from the investigators looking for us to subcontract work to them is that they do not operate in the same way or by the same standards.

The following are some additional reasons why we do not subcontract our work:

  • We personally handle all of the files associated with a case and speak with our clients directly; we are not willing to pass that off to another detective agency.
  • We take calls from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day; most other investigators don't like those hours.
  • We are flexible with our minimum hours, whereas and most other investigators want an 8-hour minimum commitment.
  • We can provide service with as little as 2 hours notice; most others need 4.
  • If a subject is lost or a case doesn't go accordingly; we make it right. Most others brush it off, with replies such as “well, that's how surveillance goes.” We do not find that answer acceptable.
  • We will take the time--at no cost--to analyze and listen to a client's needs.
  • If a client runs out of time and can't go further, we can make the call to add hours at no charge to try to get the information the client needs.
  • We do everything in-house, so we know exactly what is going on with your case and that everything is being done in a prompt, efficient, and legal manner.
  • Profits are not the only thing on our agenda. We have built a business around our reputation for being good at what we do and being compassionate toward our clients, and we will not let that change.

Our policies and procedures for our employees has been perfected over the last 45 years and ensure that all cases are conducted discreetly, legally and effectively; our specific method for conducting surveillance makes sure our field agents can handle anything that may happen on a case.

Keep in mind that although there is nothing illegal about subcontracting investigative work, having your case passed off to a variety of people can result in things getting lost in translation. Investigative work is very fluid, and as a case changes the field agent needs to be able to make necessary changes on the spot; he or she cannot wait for work to be passed off and multiple phone calls made.

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