Discreet Investigation Service

What Are The Signs You Need a Private Investigator


Many times, people want to hire a private investigator because they witness some sort of behavior from their spouse or loved one that makes them feel uneasy. Sometimes this is very blatantly suspicious behavior, while other times it is small, subtle actions that trigger feelings of suspicion about whether their significant other is being faithful. We have listed a portion of these actions below.

Some of the more obvious suspicious behaviors that may warrant a private investigator are:

  • Dressing better/wearing more makeup
  • Locking or hiding a cell phone 
  • Having multiple phones
  • Getting in shape           
  • Trying to conceal phone calls/texts
  • Late meetings/working late
  • Picking fights
  • Newly secretive behaviors
  • Timelines that don't make sense           
  • Less intimacy
  • Pattern of not picking up the phone then calling back   
  • Having a lot of guys- or girls-only nights
  • They don't want you to do their laundry anymore          
  • New, solo hobbies that exclude you     
  • Odd credit card bills or new credit cards in only their name

There are also less obvious behaviors that can cause suspicion, such as:

  • Suddenly giving you more gifts
  • Mood swings  
  • Desire for thrill or adventure
  • No interest in family time
  • Sense of confusion within themselves
  • Lack of communication
  • Being overly critical      
  • Lying about irrelevant things   
  • Change in bathing habits

There are plenty of other behaviors not listed that can cause suspicion of a spouse or loved one. The best thing to do is call a private investigator for advice. Many times, clients don't even have suspicious feelings, they just want the peace of mind that nothing is going on behind their backs.

There are many spouses and loved ones that won't show any of these signs anyway, so there are some additional things to look for, such as mentioning a new acquaintance a little too often to really be a new acquaintance, a new secure work email, the new habit of clearing browser history, and even something as simple as more conversations about life.

There really is no way to tell a person’s true behavior unless the person is put under investigative surveillance, so you can either have the peace of mind in knowing your spouse or loved one is faithful or the evidence to protect yourself. Calling a private investigator and explaining the situation will always be your best bet in determining the best course of action when you suspect a spouse or loved one may be cheating.