Discreet Investigation Service

Private Investigator For Landlord Tenant Disputes


During these unprecedented times where COVID-19 impacts us all, there are many tenants taking advantage of the system and not paying their rent regardless of their job status. If you are a landlord and you feel your tenant is using the system to avoid paying rent, we can help. Discreet Investigation Services, Inc. will help uncover the truth, so you know which tenants are affected by Covid-19 and which tenants are just trying to avoid paying rent. With over 50 years of private investigation experience, we know how to find the truth. We will provide you with a free consultation as to how we can help with your tenant situation so that you can provide your attorneys and the courts with enough proof.

We use the following methods to obtain evidence:

  • Undercover Investigations
  • Employment Verification Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Background Checks
  • Employer Interviews
  • Documented Proof

Every case will be different based on the circumstances, so it is best if you call us for a free consultation however our packages for these types of investigations start at $349. The information contained in the report will include but not be limited to information such as, was the tenant affected by COVID-19, was their income affected by COVID-19, current work status, when the individual worked last, return to work offers, and more. For landlords who may be dealing with tenants who work off the books we can handle those situations as well, the process and fees will vary so please call us for a free consultation.

Don’t be left unprepared and with no evidence that your tenant-maintained employment but utilized the COVID-19 laws to avoid rent, you will need proof and we can obtain that for you.