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Private Investigator Background Checks vs. Internet Background Checks


In today’s world it is very easy to get a background check on someone. There are several sites and resources online that practically want to give background information away, many claim to be free or for a small fee of $9.99. With the fast pace of today’s world and the popularity of mobile phones you can even look up background information on people while on the move and in real time.

Depending on the site you use and the information you can supply about the individual, you could receive a mountain of information about a subject. The question you must ask yourself is how reliable and credible the source is? How much of the information is accurate, true, or relevant to what you are trying to do? Most studies have shown that a lot of the data provided with free or low-cost internet background checks is not accurate or reliable. The worse part is that more times than not the information of other individuals with similar names or addresses will be mixed in. These inaccuracies could potentially cause major issues. The false information provided could lead you in the wrong direction, waste your time, confuse you or cause you to jump to the wrong conclusions.

We know it is very tempting to turn to free or low-cost internet background checks. From the clients we have spoken to, almost everyone has regretted using internet background checks as they are unreliable, waste time and are confusing.

Can internet background checks help? Yes, in some situations but they should never be used on their own. They are most useful after someone spends hours sifting through and analyzing the data. After that the data can be used as a point of reference for a professional private detective. Hiring the right agency from the start can make a big difference. We have vast resources at our disposal, we know all the tips and tricks and we have over 40 years of experience. We can obtain 100% accurate background information that will hold up and help you whether it's for divorce, child custody, employment purposes, etc.

Don't let yourself get sucked into the black hole of internet background checks. The information is often inaccurate and can easily do more harm than good if it leads you down the wrong road. I tell people all the time if free internet background checks and $9.99 searches where that accurate Private Investigators would have gone out of business a long time ago.