Discreet Investigation Service

How to Investigate When a Subject is Not on Social Media


What are social media investigations and what are they used for? A social media investigation is an in-depth investigation/review of different social media platforms and the general internet looking for profiles, mentions, photos, accounts, etc. These investigations help with many types of cases including divorce, child custody, background checks for employment, childcare, workman's compensation and even unemployment fraud.

What do we do if someone doesn't have a social media presence? We begin the investigation by investigating who the subject is affiliated with; this may include family, friends, coworkers, etc. Then we split the investigation into two-parts. The first part is to search those known associates/relatives for any mentions and/or photos of the person on their social media platforms. The second part is to conduct undercover interviews with those same associates/relatives to acquire any relevant information.

We also investigate the general web to find any mentions of the individual which may point us in a direction that needs investigating or can provide some type of information.

Hiring an agency like ours for this type of investigation will help you find what you're looking for, not just because we have done hundreds if not thousands of them but because we won’t stop when a person doesn't show up right away. Many clients think, "the person I want investigated is too old to have a facebook profile" and they may be right but many times their kids will and that is a very good avenue to seeing a subject on social media. In today's world even people who try to stay off the web can inadvertently end up on it. Platforms such as facebook and twitter are helpful not only on the private side but in today's world many employers use social media to reach the general public and could easily make mention of the subject in question. We know many ways to find information on individuals even if they don’t have a social media presence. We are experts at uncovering information no matter how difficult it may be to find.