Discreet Investigation Service

What Are Private Investigator Costs & Fees?


Not all investigative firms’ rates are the same and fees as well as what is included with those fees is very important. There are plenty of firms out there that will undercut any price you tell them you were quoted, but you want to be careful with companies that do that. Price is important, but you are not buying a product, you are paying for an important service. So how do private investigators charge for their services?

First and most importantly, the fees we charge are based on what type of investigation you are in need of. Not all investigations are the same, and therefore investigative fees change based on the client’s needs; even cases that are similar in needs can have different costs based on the information surrounding someone’s particular case.

Surveillance, for example, is based on an hourly rate. We use a sliding scale, meaning the more hours you purchase, the less the cost breaks down to per hour. All of our surveillance rates for work inside Connecticut include photos and/or video, travel time and mileage, expenses within Connecticut, and court testimony. Surveillance rates outside of Connecticut work both hourly and by a flat fee, depending on where the case is located and what is involved. Pricing for out-of-state work is always based on what the assignment is. Discreet Investigation Service offers pre-set packages of 8, 16, 24, and 40 hours (all of which are able to be broken down into as little as four-hour increments at any one time) and can customize packages to a client’s specific needs.

Fees for GPS tracking depend on the amount of time a unit is needed for. We sell GPS time on a seven-consecutive-day basis with discounts available based on how many weeks it is needed for; however, if a GPS is purchased along with a surveillance package, discounted pricing is available as well.

We conduct many types investigations including but not limited to criminal background checks, missing persons investigations, and conduct reports; this is where the fees change based on what specific services you are looking for. For an accurate estimate of the cost of private investigator services you need, it is best to contact us for a free consultation so that we can help you find the most affordable way to get the answers you’re looking for.