Discreet Investigation Service

My Tenants Can't Pay Rent Due to COVID-19 – What Should I Do Next?


Discreet Investigation Services Inc. will help you find the truth, so you know which tenants are actually affected by COVID-19 and which tenants are just trying to avoid paying rent. We know how to find the truth and although every situation is different we will provide you with a free consultation as to how we can help with your particular tenant situation so that you can provide your attorneys and the courts with sufficient proof.

We use the following methods to obtain evidence:

  • Surveillance
  • Employment Verification Investigations
  • Background Checks
  • Employer Interviews
  • Documented Proof

Every case will be different based on the circumstances so it’s best if you call us for a free consultation. However, packages for these types of investigations start at $349.00. The information contained in the report will include but will not be limited to information such as, was the tenant effected by COVID-19, was their income effected by COVID-19, what is their current work status, when the individual worked last, did the individual have return to work offers, etc. For landlords who may be dealing with tenants who work off the books we can handle those situations as well, the process and fees will vary so please call us to schedule your free consultation.

Our official reports are typed and will include a detailed account of what the tenants situation really is. We are licensed by the Connecticut State Police to conduct this type of work, so the courts will recognize our evidence as expert testimony. Furthermore, we can also appear in court with you to testify on our findings.

Discreet Investigation Services Inc. is a Connecticut based private investigation firm that has been in business for more than 40 years. We offer a broad spectrum of private investigation services for individuals, corporations and anyone else who could benefit from our assistance. We are licensed, bonded, insured and offer our full range of investigative and surveillance services throughout Connecticut, as well as nationally and internationally. We provide information to the general public, attorneys, risk managers, insurance adjusters, corporations, government entities and other individuals to assist in making correct choices affecting their respective organization both for civil matters as well as criminal ones.